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To find out more about Shiatsu, try these sites:

My blog

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh email: admin@tssed.org

Cynthia Shuken MRSS T, teacher at The Shiatsu School Edinburgh www.shiatsuedinburgh.co.uk

The Shiatsu Society

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council http://www.cnhc.org.uk

Gabi Irvine MRSS, Graduate of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh http://www.wholeshiatsu.com/about-gabi.html

Agnieska Kaperek, Graduate of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh http://www.shiatsubliss.com/

Matt Leszczak, Graduate of The Shiatsu School Edinburgh http://www.manual-body-therapy.com/

For Shiatsu in France: Atelier Shiatsu https://www.facebook.com/atelier.shiatsu

www.arbresle-shiatsu.com (Sheila Farrell)