What I offer

I offer Shiatsu acupressure massage to

  • adults
  • children and babies


COVID-19 announcement

At present I am unable to offer face-to-face treatments.

As a Shiatsu practitioner, I am offering all my clients a few options for long distance / online and phone sessions as we do not know when we will be able to resume ‘normal’ life:
1. A supervision session by phone or Skype or similar, which entails
  • A diagnosis: I direct you to tune into parts of you and you write down / draw what you find, then I use that to plan the next stage
  • We do some exercises or meditation, talk about diet or other lifestyle things, whatever arises to address the diagnosis
  • Assessment of usefulness of what we just did
  • I send you an email with an account of what we have done, so you have a record of it and also have things to practice / remember if you like
Duration: 45 minutes, plus I will use an extra 15 for the email.
2. A remote Shiatsu session which entails
  • A diagnosis as above by phone or Skype or similar
  • Then we break phone contact
  • You lie down in a comfy warm place and imagine you are in my/the Shiatsu room and I give you a session from where I am, through the ether, as it were. We Shiatsu practitioners have been doing this for a while and folk find they are benefitting from it
  • I send an email as above also detailing exactly what I did and when during the session so you can tell if it coincides with anything you felt and you know what I was up to!
Duration: 45 minutes plus I will use an extra 15 for the email.
Cost: All by donation or you can pay the same as usual, into my bank account or paypal, as you want. You may want to try it first to see what it’s like, which is fine.

Location of face-to-face Shiatsu: Edinburgh, London and abroad

Costs: One hour £55, half an hour £30, 15 minutes £15. Concessions are available.

Laughter, you can’t beat it!

For 15 minutes, half hour and one hour sessions

I give Shiatsu for:

  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • The whole body
  • Lying down or seated
Nature teaches us so much

I teach these courses:

  • Baby Shiatsu for Baby Masseurs
  • Seated Shiatsu Certificate Course
  • Adults (16+) introductory day for beginners and shorter courses for children
  • Supervision of 3 or more people in a group
  • Graduate Supervision (one-to-one)
  • Student tutorials for 1 or 2 hours
  • Baby Shiatsu Workshop (2 hrs)
  • Course of 5 baby / child classes (group)
  • Advanced and post graduate training on a wide variety of Shiatsu topics

I am happy to give talks, lecture demonstrations, home visits, workplace sessions, media interviews and to attend health fairs.

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