The Rhythms of the Organs – Walking and the embodiment of Chinese Medicine

Walking in Rhythm a song by The Blackbyrds ‘It’s not easy if you’re wanting to understand it before the experience, the experience comes and then the understanding.’ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen on YouTube Each of the five Organs, the Zhang-Fu in Chinese Medicine have a rhythm. The movement pattern of the Liver is different from that …

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Where death meets Shiatsu

Shiatsu and complementary therapy practitioners regularly work with clients who face death and loss. In the clinic, home, NHS premises or elsewhere, therapists are meeting people who have encountered dying, are in the midst of grief or are mourning. It is  when they are suffering or struggling to come to terms with these that they …

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Tamsin is walking, writing, teaching and giving Shiatsu in Ireland, France and other parts of Europe this Autumn 2018. For further details please contact shiatsu@ryoho.co.uk or +44 7821 264 882.

Autumn 2018

Bookings are now open for the Holistic Health and Acupressure Massage course which starts in September 2018 with The Shiatsu School Edinburgh. Please visit the site here. You are welcome to attend an Open Day for a free Shiatsu taster, the chance to ask questions about Shiatsu training and learn some Do-In self-Shiatsu on 16 …

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Baby Shiatsu for baby masseurs

This 2-day course is designed specifically for baby massage instructors, those who have already undergone a baby massage training and would like to enhance their skills using Shiatsu techniques. Would you like to add on special skills to your existing baby massage training? These Shiatsu techniques are designed to enhance your general routine, helping you …

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Benefits of Seated Shiatsu

Seated Shiatsu Seated Shiatsu is a versatile way to give massage in public places and there are plenty of benefits: For the client, there is no need to undress, it can happen anywhere, and it’s short and sweet. For the practitioner, just set up your stool and tempt those passers by. It couldn’t be easier. …

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