Benefits of Seated Shiatsu

Seated Shiatsu

Seated Shiatsu is a versatile way to give massage in public places and there are plenty of benefits:

For the client, there is no need to undress, it can happen anywhere, and it’s short and sweet.

For the practitioner, just set up your stool and tempt those passers by. It couldn’t be easier.

You could launch a business where you travel around office venues and help employees avoid sick days. You will be promoting well-being in the workplace and therefore very popular with business owners.

Or you could work in the community, offering these enjoyable sessions at school fairs, on street corners and at music festivals for example, and making complementary therapy available to everyone.


What we like about Seated Shiatsu

It’s great for shoulder stiffness, back pain, and upper body joint discomfort. It aids headaches, neck strain, and stress. Using acupressure points, deep penetration and active stretches, it releases tension and promotes awareness of correct posture.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course” Anneke

“It was very relaxing” Gail. “I liked everything. It was a new experience for me” Gail’s mum

“Nothing to dislike at all. Thoroughness and appreciation of my upper body and its aches and pains. Feeling better after. Good touch all round.” Peter

“Half hour of calmness and positive energy” Aimee



In a Seated Shiatsu Intensive course at The Shiatsu School Edinburgh you would learn:

  • A Seated Shiatsu routine lasting 30 minutes
  • A wide range of acupressure points for pathology of the upper body
  • Contraindications and safety issues for the practitioner and client
  • Exercises to prepare the practitioner
  • Oriental energy work (Ki / Chi development)
  • Shiatsu theory, including YinYang
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the upper body
  • Setting up in business skills, including marketing
  • Recommendations for the client
  • Practitioner support
  • Information about stools, massage chairs – what’s appropriate and where to get them

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