class picI started teaching Shiatsu in 1994, and before that taught dance. Please see ‘about Tamsin‘ for more biographical details.

There is a website dedicated to Shiatsu training here:

One-day courses

An introduction to Shiatsu for beginners. Ideal for those who want to know a bit about this fascinating Oriental therapy to support themselves, family and friends; or who are considering enrolling for a one year course and/or practitioner training.

10am – 5pm. Cost £50 per person or £90 if 2 people book together.

These courses can also be arranged for weekdays in your workplace and times and duration are flexible.

Baby Shiatsu

This 2-day course is designed specifically for baby massage instructors, those who have undergone a baby massage training and would like to enhance their skills using Shiatsu techniques. Held in Edinburgh, the course will serve as a basic introduction to Shiatsu and the theory of YinYang which underpins the effective treatment of babies from birth to crawling by their parents/carers. A full body routine will be taught with additional sections on facial Shiatsu, acupressure for ailments, and a range of safe and appropriate Tsubos (acpuressure points). More details here.

One, two and three-year courses

Booking now for one year, part-time Holistic Health and Acupressure Massage course, starting January 2017. An introductory course (see above) must be completed before you commit to this longer one.

These courses are designed for those with some experience of Shiatsu, or similar discipline, who want to take their training further – either to become a Shiatsu practitioner or for personal development.

The one year course offers you:

  • A full range of Shiatsu techniques, treating the whole body in four positions: supine, prone, sitting and side positions.
  • Exercises for developing sensitivity to both the giver’s and the receiver’s energy (Ki).
  • Oriental diagnosis through touch, as well as through using the other senses.
  • Chinese Five Element Theory as applied to diagnosis and (energy meridian) bodywork, as well as to other aspects of the person and the environment.
  • The philosophy of yin and yang and its application to daily life, Oriental diagnosis and medicine.
  • The location and uses of the major acupuncture/acupressure points.
  • Basic Western anatomy and physiology, with emphasis on associations with bodywork.
  • How to work holistically, considering the receiver’s mind and emotions as well as their body.
  • Awareness of the practitioner’s own condition and ways of working that take this into account.
  • Self-Shiatsu exercises and methods of supporting and enhancing the practitioner’s own energy and personal development.

For information on this, on practitioner training and Introductory Courses, please go to this external site:

Seated shiatsu certificated course

Do you want to re-train as a complementary therapist?

These courses will train you in effective methods of relieving back, neck and upper body pain, and headaches. These courses have now started.

* A 7-day course for those with no previous experience of Shiatsu.

* A 4-day course for those with minimum one year’s experience of Shiatsu. Assessment Day:

You will be trained to carry out the basic routine and manage this within the business environment, with full anatomy and physiology to cover the upper body.

Seated Shiatsu is a versatile way to give massage in public places – no need for the receiver to strip off, just set up your stool and tempt those passers by! Or launch a business travelling around office venues helping employees avoid sick days and promoting well-being in the workplace.


  • Seated Shiatsu routine (30 minutes)
  • A wide range of acupressure points for upper body pathology
  • Contraindications and safety issues for the practitioner and client
  • Exercises to prepare the practitioner
  • Oriental energy work (Ki / Chi development)
  • Shiatsu theory, including YinYang
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the upper body
  • Setting up in business skills, including marketing
  • Recommendations for the client
  • Practitioner support

with individual tutorial, 25 case notes, practical (on the public) and theoretical (written) assessment


4-day course £190 – a non-refundable deposit of £50 to secure your place.

7-day course £485 – a non-refundable deposit of £125.

Experience needed: The 7-day course is for beginners. The 4-day course is for those who have completed a year of Shiatsu training. Those with extensive experience of other complementary therapy bodywork may be considered.

Please contact us on or 07821 264 882 for an application form.

Benefits of Seated Shiatsu blog

Make Yourself Feel Better!

I teach these classes in Edinburgh. These are in terms of five weeks – dates and venue to be announced. If you are interested please contact Tamsin.

For booking please phone 07821 264 882 or e-mail

In these classes you will learn:

  • some exercises: stretches and movements to build up your energy levels
  • learn ways to improve your well-being
  • dietary information
  • acupressure points for common ailments such as headaches, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and stress

Baby-shiatsu soothe & play massage classes

5 week courses – please contact Tamsin for details.

phone: 07821 264 882

baby-shiatsu is simple to learn & fun to do in a group

ages: birth to pre-crawling

Techniques for preventing and dealing with colic and other discomforts will be taught by the experienced tutor.

Please see children and babies for more information on this area.

Half day and one-day workshops are also run throughout the year. £20 (£10 Conc.) Book in advance. (One-off event)

Parent/child courses

Dates to be announced. Please register your interest with Tamsin.

These are two-and-a-half-hour workshops for a parent and child to attend together. This gives you a unique chance to learn how to massage your child, and have her or him massage you back. They are only children once, after all, and the benefits that massage can give you and your children should not be missed out on!

I believe that children intuitively know what they need to relax them and make them better, as well as how to massage someone else where it feels appropriate. Also that the parents are the ones who know their children best and so are in a prime position to apply massage techniques as and when needed – which may be the middle of the night and might consequently mean that that dreaded call to the doctor doesn’t have to be made – crisis averted by hands-on healing!

The workshop is full of play and hand-outs are given to take home as reminders. Cost: £40 for each ‘couple’. Please see children and babies for more information.