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New Online Course The Rhythm of the organs – Walking and the embodiment of Chinese Medicine July / August 2020

I started teaching Shiatsu in 1994, and before that taught dance. See ‘About Tamsin‘ for more biographical details.

Past teaching experience:

  • Switzerland (European Shiatsu Congress – Shiatsu for children)
  • Norway (ME, MS, IBS and cancer)
  • Paris (maternity Shiatsu, death and Shiatsu)
  • London (death and Shiatsu)
  • Athens

I am currently teaching abroad and in Edinburgh.

Baby Shiatsu

How to work with babies in a safe and soothing way. A full body routine with facial Shiatsu and a range of safe and appropriate Tsubos (acpuressure points) for common ailments. More details here.

Where Shiatsu Meets Death

This course looks at how we can support our clients at times of loss. It is for Shiatsu and complementary therapy practitioners and includes practical exercises and discussion time.

One, two and three-year courses

The Year One (part-time) Holistic Health and Acupressure Massage course starts annually in September.

For beginners who want to learn how to give an effective treatment to family and friends and for self-development. It also forms the first of a 3 years Shiatsu practitioner qualification.

For information on this, on practitioner training and Introductory Courses, please go to this external site

Seated Shiatsu certificated course

These courses will train you in effective methods of relieving back, neck and upper body pain, and headaches.

Seated Shiatsu is a versatile way to give massage in public places – no need for the receiver to strip off, just set up your stool and tempt those passers by! Or launch a business travelling around office venues helping employees avoid sick days and promoting well-being in the workplace.

Benefits of Seated Shiatsu blog

Make Yourself Feel Better!

I teach these classes in Edinburgh. These are in terms of five weeks.

Baby Shiatsu soothe & play massage classes

5 week courses for parent/carer and baby.

Baby Shiatsu is simple to learn & fun to do in a group

Please see Children and Babies for more information on this area.

Parent and Child courses

Two-and-a-half-hour workshops for a parent / carer and child to attend together. A unique chance to learn how to massage your child, and have her or him massage you back. I believe that children intuitively know what they need to relax them and make them better, and that parents are the ones who know their children best, and so are in a prime position to apply massage techniques as and when needed – which may be the middle of the night and might consequently mean that that dreaded call to the doctor doesn’t have to be made – crisis averted by hands-on healing!

Please see children and babies for more information.

One-day courses

An introduction to Shiatsu for beginners – ideal for those who want to know a bit about this fascinating Oriental therapy to support themselves, family and friends; or who are considering enrolling for a one year course and/or practitioner training.

These courses can also be arranged for weekdays in your workplace and times and duration are flexible.