Shiatsu and Trauma

“Trauma is the designation for

  • The experience or observation of an unusual event
  • That which comes unexpectedly and is inevitable
  • That which is a serious threat to physical health and existence
  • That which has consequences that might last for a long time

Shiatsu for traumatised people can generally contribute in

  • Soothing physical symptoms
  • Increasing emotional stability, wellbeing, life-joy and life-quality
  • Releasing energy-blockages and regaining connections
  • Strengthening body awareness, selfesteem and the ability to draw clear boundaries”

Sessions last one hour with a detailed case history being taken at the start of the first session. The treatment aims to be gentle, understanding and supportive. Contact Tamsin 07821 264 882 or

Taken from the article, here in entirety, by Peter Itin here.

Further specialist training for Shiatsu practitioners has been offered in the past by The Shiatsu College.

A free a one hour Webinar with Clifford Andrews to learn how to diagnose and treat TRAUMA using Shiatsu and TCM is on April 22nd 2014, 7.30pm. Register here.