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Shiatsu, for more peace and calm in our lives

Client testimonials

‘I could lie here all day’ AC, Edinburgh

‘It was like the sting had gone out of the serpent’s tail somehow!  Wonderful’ BD, London

‘Like you’re pouring petrol in me – refuelling me’ CM, Edinburgh

Coronavirus – Special Safety Information

I am offering Shiatsu sessions again now. I am being careful, wearing a mask and socially distancing as instructed.

Please be vigilant for signs of even moderate cold or similar symptoms and cancel your appointment if you have any. Usually, I ask for 24 hours notice, but in this case, even last minute cancellations are acceptable (07821 264 882)

Covid rules and hygiene measures in line with the recommendations of the Scottish Government:

  • We will maintain a distance before and after the treatment
  • We will not shake hands or hug
  • We will both wash our hands thoroughly BEFORE entering the treatment room
  • Hand sanitizer and paper towels are available
  • We will keep the conversation time short to avoid airborne particles being exchanged
  • Direct skin contact will be avoided: for work on the head and neck, I will use a small cloth
  •  As always, each individual has his / her own cloth and the futon sheet and pillow cases are washed after every session, as are my own clothes
  • We will wear masks throughout
  • The guest toilet, door handles, hand rails and surfaces etc will be sanitised before and after each client

For those who prefer not to attend in person, but would appreciate some support, I am giving online sessions in which we discuss how you are and what you need. In response and with agreement, I devise exercises for you to do with me and afterwards, and teach acupressure points and other ways to touch which are useful, beneficial and safe. These sessions are by donation. More details by email or message to or 07821 264 882.

How I work

I work with thumb or hand pressure on the clothed body and incorporate gentle manipulations to stretch and promote better flow. Ill health, whether of mind or body, gets in the way of our work and relationships, and stops us feeling calm and happy.  Shiatsu can help.

Shiatsu is a wide range of different methods of touch: it feels light and does not hurt, but it is a deep sensation, penetrating into the body to disperse tension. It warms and nurtures the tired or painful places. Shiatsu can involve firm and strong pressure where required, to ease stiff joints and iron out tight muscles. It can also be still and gentle with a sense of holding. There are no sudden movements or clicks and there should be no pain during treatment. Comfort is most important and, if you like touch, Shiatsu promotes a deep sense of relaxation quite unlike other forms of massage, such as those involving the use of oils.

Costs: One hour £55, half an hour £30, 15 minutes £15. Concessions are available.

For more information, see also: What is Shiatsu?

Blue sky mind

How many sessions will I need?

You are encouraged to book 3 sessions initially, at fortnightly intervals, particularly if you are consulting about a problem that has been around for a long time or is serious. This will allow you to experience what Shiatsu can do for you. The first session gives us a chance to meet, and you can ask questions and feel what it is like. In the second session you will be able to relax more deeply and any reactions which you had after treatment one can be discussed. A plan can be made. By session three you will either feel much better or know whether this is something that will be able to help you in the medium to long term.

Please note that this is not a rule and so you are welcome to try one session without committing to three!

How often?

In general Shiatsu should not be received more than once a week (to give you the chance to integrate the effects) or less than once a month (if you would like to see a cumulative improvement). We all respond differently, however it is likely that the benefits will last longer each time you have a treatment.

What to expect

At the beginning of each session we chat about why you have come and all information about yourself is considered relevant, as Shiatsu is a form of holistic therapy. The practical massage takes up the majority of the time, and there is also time left at the end for feedback and questions.

When you can glimpse a beautiful view, even through a window of pain, you know that things can get better

An in-depth case history will be taken, which includes details of any medical conditions and doctor’s information, if appropriate. This aids the diagnosis and can lead to advice on diet, exercise, breathing and other topics. You can see from the section ‘About Tamsin’ that I have counselling training if this is relevant to you.

You should wear warm, loose, comfortable clothes including socks. Food should not usually be consumed immediately before treatment, although a very empty stomach is not encouraged either!

Shiatsu can be a bridge to feeling well

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