Shiatsu during pregnancy and labour

embrace health during early pregnancy

Regular Shiatsu during pregnancy is a calming and safe way to enjoy your body and connect with your baby. Shiatsu can help relieve back pain, nausea, heartburn, anxiety and other symptoms. It will prepare you for an easier labour and quicker recovery time. Starting in the fourth month will give you optimum support.

Shiatsu can be used as a safe way to bring about labour after due dates have passed and in the event of suggested induction by the hospital or midwife.

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Shiatsu can also be used in labour by the mother, birth partner, or midwife. Shiatsu stretches are a great way to work positively through the first stage. They are easy to learn and safe to perform. There are also acupressure points that will help deal with pain, quicken up proceedings and calm nerves. Shiatsu is a helpful way for birth partners to feel involved and really do something to support the mother.

Workshops or one-off sessions with me will give you tips and training in this rewarding area.

An interesting blog with helpful exercises for pregnancy, by one of my teachers Suzanne Yates of Well Mother.