Shiatsu for children and babies

Shiatsu is a beautifully gentle way of working with infants. It can soothe digestion, and aid circulation; it can promote sleep and a generally happier nature by balancing up the body’s energy which might have been disturbed by a challenging birth, teething etc. Much of this work can be done in a class situation in which the parent or carer is taught to carry out the massage. It is a wonderful way of developing a loving relationship with your child.

Classes are run in series of 5 and each one lasts for one hour. You will receive a bottle of massage oil and written hand-outs to take home for aiding memory.

I also have experience in working one-to-one with babies who have been born with a difficulty in certain areas – promoting crawling and walking, for example – and other aspects of natural development that are slow to unfold.

Shiatsu massage is helpful for children and teenagers who suffer from headaches, asthma, eczema, repeated ear infections, difficulty in concentrating and many other problems. Shiatsu can help by identifying patterns of movement and energy that can be stimulated or soothed by the parents, or by myself, and relief often follows. I believe that the parent(s) (or other primary carers) are the most important people in their child’s life and I spend time showing them what is possible so the massage can be continued at home in a playful and relaxed way. Everything I do is designed to be enjoyed by the child.

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I also teach classes in which children learn to give Shiatsu to their parents and vice versa. The classes show how children know innately what massage they need and how to give it. I have experience teaching all age children.