Strength and good fortune using the 5 traditional Chinese ways

health in older people, China

The Chinese are amongst those who live the longest and are the most healthy. They teach that the five traditional ways to gain this strength and good fortune are: breathing, exercise, good food and water, rest, and study.

It isn’t always easy to find the time in our everyday life to attend classes, go on walks, or cook healthy food, which is why more and more of us are choosing to retreat from home every now and then, to find inspiration with like-minded folk.


Imagine, right now, that you are standing peacefully on the banks of a flowing river, drinking in deep lungfuls of fresh air and filling yourself with vitality; or relaxing on a soft futon mattress by a cheerful fire, giving and receiving health-promoting back massage; or even sharing hot chocolate whilst participating in a stimulating discussion about the sorts of nutrition which will sustain you through the coldest, winter months.

The Shiatsu School Edinburgh have been running annual retreats in the beautiful Eastwood House, Dunkeld since 2012, and attendance has been increasing with people coming from as far afield as France and Ireland. This year we are offering four of these luxurious holistic breaks to people who would like to get away from their busy lives and rest by the river!

We will start on Friday afternoon 30 October, after the traditional working day ends, gathering for tea, getting to know each other, and sharing a delicious meal with food by Divine Dining (think Pumpkin and Chestnut soup, and spiced apple and almond crumble).



Saturday and Sunday will dawn bright (whatever the weather) with morning yoga Salutations to the Sun, breakfast (including pear, carrot and ginger home-made juice), T’ai Chi for energy-promotion, relaxing massage, a river-side walk, free time, talks and discussion on holistic health, and mindfulness meditation before bed.

You will be getting the idea by now – all those five traditional ways rolled into one, healthful weekend.

Our aim is for participants to learn practical information and skills to take home. You can share them with friends, and treat yourself with exactly the restorative and balancing kindness you will need to ease you through until January.


As we move towards the darker months and colder weather, we invite you to our luxury Autumn retreat in beautiful rural Perthshire, with log fires to warm you from the outside, and inspirational exercises and massage to create internal heat: 30 October – 1 November 2015. Fully inclusive.